PENINSULA STATE PARK – MY FIRST LONG DRIVE – June 2010 (Some old memories)


It was year 2010 when I made my first long drive along with my wife from Chicago to Peninsula State Park. It was real fun driving a distance of nearly 600 miles, 2 days camping at Peninsula State Park, amidst the beauties of nature.

It was pretty hot and sunny on Friday Morning and we just thought it would be so for 2 days as was shown on We started at around 4:30pm, and as I started my car it started raining heavily, so heavily that I couldn’t see the car in front. We waited for a few minutes but finally we decided to start the trip as it was already late and we had around 6 hours to drive.


In Chicago there was a heavy traffic on the way as it was Friday evening and raining. After an hour or so we reached highway I-90. By the time we touched I-90, rain had stopped and it was a beautiful romantic weather. This was my first drive on an interstate highway on my own. We took toll free path and in few minutes we were on US-41 route which was supposed to later merge on I-90 again. My wife was just taking pictures and observing road side scenes.



We were supposed to merge back on I-90 but as construction work was going on I-90 there were signs for alternative I-90. We took the alternative I-90, thought I-90 might have closed for construction work but later we realized it was just an alternative route and not a detour. My wife was observing alternative I-90 road sign on every signal and making sure I was not taking another road. Here I observed my wife was following road sign properly and i felt she can follow the US directions properly and can tell me the directions from my Black Berry.




Finally we merged back to I-90 at around 7.30 and the sun was still shining. we were hungry and so was the car. It needed some gas.But we decided to halt once we reach I-43. We passed through Milwaukee and finally stopped at a gas station at exit 100.There we took some rest and had food which we had brought with us(Plain Paratha and mix Veg made by my wife… mmmmmm it was so yummy 😉 ).



We started again and it was around 8:30pm, the sun was almost setting and we had around 3 hours more to drive. I remember we needed to exit at Exit 154 and my wife was watching just exit numbers and was telling me “Abhi to bahut dur hai” on every exit 🙂




Finally we took exit 154 and from there we had to take a small road which was finally supposed to merge into route US-42 North.


Here we missed the road and then I asked my wife to look in my BlackBerry and tell me the directions. She was perfect in telling the directions and finally we were on route US-42. Now it was completely dark. I called up the peninsula state park office and asked them about their office hours and they said till 11 PM. We wanted to reach there before 11 so we could get all the park details.


On US-42 max speed limit is 55 miles per hour but I was driving at approx 70 m/h to reach before 11. The road was pretty good and there were hardly any vehicle on the road. My wife was continuously referring to google map on my blackberry and telling me the directions in advance.



Finally we reached Peninsula park at 10:50pm. We registered at the park office and took our camp site sticker and headed towards ourcamp site.



Peninsula State Park –


It was quite late for us. So, we put up our tent amidst all the flying insects ,with our little torch and lamp,had dinner and just slept.


Next morning, we woke and took a quick drive around the park along the shore road to just see how the park looked. The park was really beautiful. We returned and had our break fast and got ready for the trip.



We found Peninsula State Park very happening and a nice place. We saw Eagle Panorama, Eagle Tower, Eagle Top and a lot more.








We had heard about Eagle Cave but didn’t know where to look for them. So we asked a park ranger about it and he told us we needed to take a 2 mile Eagle Trail. WE decided to take that trail. It was also a nice experience walking between the trees of the park. The trail wentthrough Lake beach. We just sat on the beach for sometime and took some photos there.











Finally we came out of the trail and went to Nicolet Beach. We had thought of changing our campsite earlier but we liked it so much that we decided to stay there another night.So we went to the Park office and booked another camp site.

Then we went on a drive till Route US-42 ends, Washington Island port. It was a nice scenic way with some traditional US towns.


We came back from there to our camp site. Cooked and had some nice dinner and slept early.



Next Morning we had a nice breakfast(Indian Pakoda) and then started our drive back to Chicago.



Review – Peninsula State Park.


Its a nice park for out door activity and I will highly recommend this park for outdoor activity.






Attractions points


1. Eagle Tower

2. Eagle Panorama

3. Eagle Blugg

4. Nicolet Beach

5. A Drive to Washington Harbour




Don’t Like

— Park camp sites are very close and less privacy.


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