My Travel Stories – Lost the way while returning back from Badlands

My last post was about list of national parks I have visited in the United States. We make a trip plan in advance but nothing goes perfect. In every trip, we encountered some kind of adventure. These adventures made few stories in our trips which make us laugh or something to talk about or teach us to be more careful in the future. In my next few posts I will be writing about these little stories or events.
Let me start with my trip to the Badlands National Park. In this trip we camped in Custer State Park, South Dakota for two days. It was in Center Lake campground in Custer State Park.
It was almost sunset when we were starting for our campsite. I put the address in google map on my Blackberry (as I never use GPS and still rely on google map GPS feature) and we headed to our campground from Badlands National Park. It was a 2 hours’ drive to reach the campground. I took I-94 and there was traffic. It was almost 11:00 PM by the time we reached highway 16A.The campground was hardly 20 minutes away from there. But the drive was through the forest and it was completely dark. As we were about to reach our exit google GPS lost the connection and there was no exit number and we missed the exit. I asked my wife to reroute the directions in google map but I took next exit. After the exit google GPS suddenly started showing more than 45 minutes to reach the campground. We thought as we missed the exit now it might be taking the longer route. There was hardly any car on our way. My wife was telling me the directions, after 45 minutes’ drive we reached the destination as per google map and my wife told me we have reached the campground. But I realized that it was a different campground. It was already 12:30 AM and we were completely exhausted and hungry. I was not sure which campground it was and how far we were from Custer State Park campground. I told my wife, I think we are lost and probably it’s now too late and we need to find some hotel nearby. Then I checked google map for our present location and found that we were in some campground near Keystone area. Then I put the address of my campground to see how far we were from the campground. Google showed that it was around 25 minutes away. Finally we thought of trying to get to our campsite as its just 25 minutes away. Finally we reached our campsite around 1:15 AM. We were very hungry but had no energy to cook. Somehow we reheated some ready to eat food we had brought with us on our gas stove. The end was happy but this was a bit scary driving through the forest at midnight. After that I decided we will reach our campsite always before dark.

Our Campsite

sunset at badlands national park


wildlife and wilderness


A Road to Campgorund

Unpaved Road Custer State park



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