Planning 4 days Trip to Paris and Switzerland – Updated Trip Details

Top Of the Europe JungFrau

Hi Friends,

I am planning 4 days trip to Paris and Switzerland starting Oct 3rd. My Travel Plan is as below. Please suggest where I can stay and important places i should see in these 4 days.

Day 1 – 3rd Oct

– Reach Paris around 10 AM in morning

– Take the Hop on Hop of Bus and start seeing Top 9 attractions which are covered by Hop on Hop Off Bus(Mostly try to cover 4-5 attractions)

– In the evening spend time at Eiffel Tower

– Reach hotel around 8 PM.

Day 2 – 4rd Oct

– See any two museums.

– Reach train station around 6:00 PM

– Take TGV Train to Geneve at 7:11 PM and reach Geneva by 10:30 PM

Day 3 – 5rd Oct

– Take train to interlean around 8:00 AM

– reach interlaken by 12:00 PM

– Take the train tickets and required pass and head to Jungfrau

– Return to Hotel (Please suggest best area to book hotel near Jungfrau)

Day 4 – 6rd Oct

– Take the Golden Pass Scenic Train back to Geneva

– Stop at Montreux to see the castle and nearby areas

– Reach Geneva by 5:00 PM

– Walk around Geneva City

– Take train at 7:40 PM to Paris

– Reach back to Paris by 10:30.


Thank you all for your suggestions. I had a wonderful trip to Paris and Switzerland. Below is link on my post on Switzerland Trip and My wife post on Paris Trip

Switzerland Trip


15 comments on “Planning 4 days Trip to Paris and Switzerland – Updated Trip Details

  1. Paris
    You cannot miss the Notre Dame area, St. Michel (Sacre coeur chucrch & the surrounding area), to feel the sense of Paris & the music. You have to climb the towers of Notre Dame Church (go there veryyyy early to avoid long queues, 9 am will be perfect).
    As for the 2 museums you cannot miss the Louvre (you have to also see it at night, it’s amazing). I also recommend you to visit Jardin & Palais de Luxembourg. & have breakfast at Paul & a desert at La Duree.
    I heard that Sainte-Chapelle Church is also amazing but never got to get in there due to loooong queues.
    Don’t waste too much time at the Eiffel Tower as generally the queues are unbelievably long, unless you got VERY lucky.

    You could go to Kleine-Scheidegg instead of Jungfrau as it is less touristic & cheaper to get there.
    You cannot miss the cruise at Lake Geneva & visiting Chateau de Chillon.
    You have to eat Fondue & Raclette (mainly cheese).

    As for the hotels, I cannot recommend anything as I usually go to hostels.

    Hope this helps 😉

  2. If you want to see a beautiful sunrise and sunset you should stay at mönchsjochhütte. You get to the hut by leaving Jungfraujoch on foot and walking a well made trail for 45 minutes. You don’t need any special equipment. The hut has no showers, only toilets, beds and a restaurant – what true alpine huts are like! A nice way to spend a night in the mountains 🙂

  3. In Paris you should (of course) stop inside The Louvre! you have very few days to really be able to see a lot – you’re spending only two of them in Paris right? If you can’t find something really worthwhile to see/do, take your time at the eiffel tower and at the louvre – although the louvre is not just a museum, it has huge, beautiful gardens too. In Switzerland I can’t say much cuz I haven’t been there =) Enjoy your trip very much! It will be beautiful to see Paris in autumn!

  4. Hi! Umesh. I am a Yeti. I was surprised to see your plan of the trip to Paris and Switzerland. It is a very tight plan. I’ve been to Switzerland several times. I always stay in my friend’s home and go for some excursion. So I haven’t any suggestions, hotels in Swiss are clean, people are kind but prices are high.
    I hope that you get bak to your home safly.

  5. Paris is a wonderful city to walk in-so if you can, consider a walking plan for the sights that you really want to see. You may be able to get to places quicker (and cheaper) using a walk/metro approach instead of the hop on/hop off bus.

    For museums, the Louvre is a must see, and paperportraiture said, has wonderful grounds, but unless you can get there early, forget about being able to see the popular works. Instead, consider the Musee d’Orsey…but also plan on getting there early.

    Not sure your hotel/hostel budget. I’ve stayed here before:, it’s very conveniently located to a train station and just generally getting around. If you’re more in the hostel budget range, I don’t have one that I can recommend. I stayed at 3 Ducks years ago and just remember it being very dirty and really noisy, but it was very conveniently located to the Eiffel Tour.

    If you’re a fan of falafel, you have to try L’Aas de felafel-seriously the best felafel I’ve ever had. It’s near the St. Paul metro stop, pretty close to Notre Dame.

    The weather may be a bit cool for this in October, but one of my favorite things to do in Paris is a picnic on the lawn at the Eiffel Tour.

    Enjoy Paris!

  6. Hi,
    I am planning a similar trip to Paris and Switzerland. Can you share the details of the hotels you stayed at in Paris and Geneva.

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