Snow Tubing At Buck Hill


Though there was not much of snow in Minnesota last winter, it was good enough for some Winter fun. It was a full sunny day with a clear blue sky that week end. I had done Tube sliding at Water Parks several times but never got the chance to do snow tubing earlier. Buck Hill is just a few miles away from my home and we decided to enjoy the full sunny day. After reaching Buck Hill, I bought the the Snow Tubing Ticket($10 for 2 hours) and we headed to the Snow Tubing area. I was quite impressed to see there was a separate lane for each tube and it was so well arranged. We did the snow tubing for full two hours and enjoyed it fully. Here are a few pictures to share with you.


10 comments on “Snow Tubing At Buck Hill

  1. Thank you, Umesh, for these photos and this post! I learned to ski at Buck Hill. Great memories. Thanks for sharing and thank you for stopping by Travel Oops and liking the post about Australian politics! Steph

  2. looks like an addictive activity, My friend made his own run on his land outside of the city and everyone goes down it on “Family Day” (a provincial holiday in Alberta, Canada) when they have a family get-together with tubing and potluck. i have made it a habit to join them and love it!

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