London Trip – A Walk Along The Thames

London Walk

In the Summer of 2005, I visited London for a two week trip. I stayed at a hotel in central London and very near to the Tower bridge. The first thing which I experienced here was that daylight ended at around 10:00 PM. So on a Friday evening I thought of going for a walk after coming back from the office. Taking a map with me I walked towards the Tower Bridge. It was almost 9:30 pm but the sun was still up in the sky. But as I reached the Tower Bridge it was almost dark. Suddenly all traffic was stopped going through the Tower bridge and even padestrains . For one moment I didn’t know what was going on but soon noticed that the Tower Bridge was opening and the road was lifted up as a Big Ship passes under the Bridge. This was the first time that I saw a Bridge opening up. I clicked some photos as I walked through the bridge and spent sometime there. I returned to the hotel at about 11:30 PM. I decided to come back the next morning and walk along the Thames River and experience the London City.

Next morning I took the Bus to the Tower of London and started my walk from there. It was a pleasant sunny day. After taking some photos of  the Tower of London again I came to the Tower Bridge, clicked some photos and crossed the Bridge. There was  the City Hall building on the other side of  the Bridge. I spent some time there  and clicked some photos of some beautiful paintings.

From the London City Hall, I walked along  the river and reached London Dungeon. This area was like a ghost town with all the old buildings and lots of scary pictures around.

After that I walked on the London Bridge and went to see “The Monument” . The Monument was on the other side of  the river. There was an option to climb The Monument but as I wanted to cover as much as possible I decided not to waste time doing so and headed further.

From there I crossed the river again and came to see the Winchester Palace.

From there I walked along the river and on the way I saw there was some Turkey celebration going on in a park near OXO Tower. I spent some time there enjoying the music and dance and had some food.

After taking some rest I continued my walk towards the London Eye. London Eye, Big Ben areas was the most crowded as this is place where most tourists comes. I spent the rest of my time that day around the London Eye, Big Ben. After walking for almost the whole day I took the bus and returned to the hotel.

In this post all the photos are taken from My Nokia 6600 VGA Camera. I wish i could have better camera that time.


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