Calhoun Lake Minnesota

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A week back we just went around at Calhoun Lake to spend sometime outdoor on a sunny day after a long winter here in Minnesota. Calhoun offers many playgrounds, beaches, bike and walking paths, boating opportunities, and much more! Though we did not do much of activities but spend sometime by walking around the lake and then say an antic trolley coming near the lake. Initially we thought this is some kind of public transport and might be going to City. But later I saw they trolley track was finishing near the lake only. When next trolley come I inquired about it and came to know its a fun ride between Calhoun Lake and Harriet Lake. These trolleys are streetcars which were used to run as public transport back in 1940s or so. We took this trolley ride between Calhoun Lake and Harriet Lake, it was a great fun. after spending sometime at Harriet Lake we took the Trolley ride back to Calhoun Lake. It was a great day outing. Here are some pictures to share with you.


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