Need Suggestions: 10 Days Trip To Alaska

Thank you all for your suggestions. Finally we are ready for Alaska trip. I have updated my itinerary as per your suggestions and seems to be doable. Please let me know if you have any further suggestions. Also as we are vegetarian, please suggest options for vegetarian restaurants in Alaska.


I am planning an 10 days trip to Alaska in July 2013. I have booked flight on 4th July week end.

My Plan is as follows:
Fly to Anchorage on Friday evening.
Day 1: Drive to Denali Nation Park and take Denali Tour
Day 2: Hike into Denali Nation Park
Day 3: Drive to Fairbanks and relax in hotel
Day 4: Take morning flight to To Barrow. See around in Barrow
Day 5: Come back to Fairbanks from Barrow and Drive back till Denali Sate Park (Approx 4 hour drive)
Day 6: Drive to Seward
Day 7: Kenai Fjord NP Cruise Tour
Day 8: Drive to Homer and Stay at Homer
Day 9: See around in Homer and Stay At Home
Day 10: Drive back to Anchorage. See around in Anchorage
Day 11: Fly back to Minneapolis.

please suggest. I am not much aware of Alaska. What are the other attractions must cover and if i can skip any from above.



51 comments on “Need Suggestions: 10 Days Trip To Alaska

  1. Never been to Alaska, but hope to get there someday soon. We will be going in the fall though to increase our chances of seeing the bears fishing for salmon and the northern lights. Although seeing the midnight sun would be pretty sweet as well.

  2. Sounds amazing!!!!! I would definitely try and find some of the wildlife they have everything from polar bears to moose 🙂 you could have a go on a snow mobile or dog mushing to, bet it would be very fun 🙂

  3. Denali is sooo beautiful. And great to hike in.
    If they didn’t change anything since I’ve been there you can drive in with a bus, go hiking as long as you want to and hop on any of the next busses 🙂

  4. Hi Umesh,
    What month are you coming? I didn’t see that above. The “day” trip you have for the arctic circle-how are you getting there-it’s a long drive! Your itinerary seems pretty rushed because all of these places are very far apart. I’d suggest staying an extra day in the park. Are you planning on fishing? Seward is a good day trip, but it depends on what you’re doing with your day and the weather-the weather is tricky in that area. The town itself isn’t anything exciting. Homer has more to offer, is a better drive, but longer to get there. If you’re going hiking, the Seward area does have some amazing options, but again, it depends on what month and the weather. Also, there are amazing day trips out of Whittier, which is closer to Anchorage-for glacier and wildlife viewing, etc.

    • Thanks for info Laura,

      I will be coming in July 2013, Independence Day Week. I have total 10 days. I too not sure about day trip to Arcticle Circle, I might skip that if i get a ticket to Barrow. I too thinking about Homer but which one is better Seward or Homer?

      • I have bias :-). I prefer Homer over Seward, but you’ll want more than one day there. If you are strapped for time, you could risk it and go to Seward, and hope for good weather. If weather is bad, you could do a glacier trip out of Whittier instead, which isn’t as far as a drive from Anchorage. It takes a little over 4 hours to get to Homer without stopping (and you’ll want to stop because it’s an amazing drive!).

      • We live in Seward, so prefer it obviously. Homer is a much longer drive. Seward has better salmon, rockfish, and lingcod fishing and great halibut fishing too (although they say they are “smaller” here…even though I’ve caught a 122 pounder and tons of other ones on the large side). Seward has a glacier, fishing, excellent hiking, an aquarium, and a very famous 4th of July celebration and mountain race…the Mt. Marathon race. Also we have tons of tours in Kenai Fjords National Park, where you can take a boat quite literally up to the base of a glacier! While it does rain here, it rains in Homer too. Homer is infinitely more touristy than Seward as well…Seward actually has a large fishing fleet that operates year round. If you want mountains, bears, fjords, glaciers, hiking (without having to take a water taxi) right in town, come to Seward! Let us know if you do!

  5. Yeah for heading North!
    I prefer Homer to Seward. Homer offers more of an old fishing town feel, however Seward has a great town area that you can walk around in. If you do end up going to Homer eat at Fat Olives. Great Food.
    I’d either do the Barrow trip or the Arctic Circle, not both.
    I’ve never really thought that Fairbanks had much to offer, especially compared to Anchorage. From Anchorage, Chugach State Park is about a 20 min drive and offers great trails and beautiful sites!

  6. Hello, Umesh. It’s a long flight from MN, you will be adjusting to a three hour time change, its 250 miles from Anchorage to Denali and another 100 to Fairbanks. The first part of your trip sounds pretty tiring. Maybe you could adjust your schedule to spend a day around Anchorage before heading north? I’d recommend Sophie Station in Fairbanks – very nice full suites and competitive prices – but hostels are available. Make car and hotel reservations ASAP. Always hike with a group and take survival gear. It gets cool at night in the interior, even in July. Instead of driving to the Circle, have you considered taking a flight out of Fairbanks to a rural village like Fort Yukon? It’s on the Yukon River and the Circle, the hour flight by small plane is a beautiful one, and a tour bus will take you around the village on Thursdays. Check Wright Air for flights. The farmer’s market in Fairbanks is open on Weds – lots of local crafts and massive vegetables ( Calypso Farms and Rosie Creek Farm nice to visit. Museum of the North ( Thanks for visiting Gwichyaa Zhee!

  7. I heard the bears need food and that there is a thought of getting them Pinguines.. so you might as well pack them a picnic basket. have fun

  8. Awesome that you are going to Alaska – I’ve always to go so have a lot of fun! I agree with a couple of the other responses that it sounds like you have a jam packed itenirary. I’d recommend taking some more time to enjoy Denali – its one of the best parks in the world and quite a hike to get to so you should spend some time exploring its beauty.

  9. First thanks for stopping by. Ahh Alaska, Know that everywhere in Alaska are hundred miles apart. Here are my thoughts:
    The Denali Tour is an all day bus ride and requires a ticket to get into park and could be sold out during summer. Be sure to book it on line. Be sure to wish to be one of the 30% that will see Denali or Mt. Mckinley for it is always covered by clouds. Here’s my blog about it:

    Two, there are a lot of trails by the Visitor Center or you can hike from within the park but you have to take the bus to get there:

    Three, I believe the Barrow trip is not a day trip from what i learn. (not sure since we did not do this). Weather is always a consideration.

    Four in Fairbanks be sure to catch the RiverBoat Discovery Tour and University of Alaska Museum.

    Five The day trip to Arctic circle is a 19 hour bus ride sitting but learning and enjoying.

    Six We did not do much in Anchorage but i know there are lots to do there.

    Seven In Seward be sure to go to Exit Glacier, based on your itinerary, this is your only chance to see a glacier up close. I have two post about Seward.

    Be sure to read all my blogs about Alaska, I think you can have an idea of what you want to do there. There is so so so much to do and see, not enough time.
    Hope this helps, feel free to ask me if you need more information.

  10. Hi, and thank you for liking my post Dark December Light. I’m glad to have added a little Canadian content to your love of the North American Arctic! (But I must add I’m heart-broken your planned Alaska trip won’t include a loop into the NorthWest Territories. Ah well, now you have another dream destination, for a future trip.) Enjoy yourself, it will be amazing.

  11. You’re going to miss the best parts of Alaska – the Aleutians, the Alaska Peninsula, and Kodiak. (Of course we all think we live in the best place!) Take a trip on the Alaska Marine Highway via the Tustemena ferry. Depart from Homer. You will see wonderful marine life and get to visit towns in rural Alaska. Maybe on another trip?

  12. I think your itinerary sounds darn good. If you are wanting a good read you should check out my book on Alaska THE WILD SIDE OF ALASKA. Perhaps it will give you some ideas for your next trip to Alaska.
    Have a great trip!

  13. Hi Umesh,
    How was your trip to ALASKA? My sister and I are going in 3 weeks. We are going a more Easterly route.
    Anchorage, Homer, Whitter, Valdez, Chitna, McCarthey and back to Anchorage, then back to Baltimore.
    Are the major roads well paved? We are traveling around more or less 3-6 hours road travel per day after 1st week in Anchorage. Is that doable with the road system.
    My brother lives in Homer, so I hope they were nice. Moy sister and I are visiting the Two Sisters Cafe, did you go there.
    Thank you.
    God bless margaret

    • Hi Margaret,

      My trip was excellent. All major roads are wrll paved. Travelling via road is fine. Alaska is much like any part of US in roads and infrastructure. I did not get chance to goto Homer as i planned Chugach Explorer train trip. That was excellent. If you get chance do that. Also roads between Anchorage and Seward is so scenic you will enjoy it. Enjoy your trip!! Let me know if you need any other info.


  14. My first tip would be to take me but since that’s not happening here’s my other tip. don’t fly go thru Canada, there are some excellent national parks in the Canadian Rockies. And while there I’d suggest a day or two on the Alaskan Marine Hwy. Ok, so this is my dream…Have fun, I look forward to your tales and photos

    • Thanks, but your suggestion came bit late 🙂 We just came back from Alaska. It was a great trip. I will share some photos. Anyway, i was not able to go thru Canada as I required Visa for that.

      • Well I guess I missed it, I didn’t look at the date on the post. So I take it you don’t have a US passport. MN is so close to some wonder places in Canada, too bad you couldn’t work it out

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