Portage Glacier


Kenai FJords National Park (Exit Glacier)

Exit Glacier is around 12 miles from Seward. This is the only portion of the Kenai Fjords National Park accessible via road. We went to see Exit Glacier while returning back from Seward. This glacier is quick and easily accessible. we did a quick walk on trail took some photos of the glacier. Here are some photos to share with you…

Need Suggestions: 10 Days Trip To Alaska

Thank you all for your suggestions. Finally we are ready for Alaska trip. I have updated my itinerary as per your suggestions and seems to be doable. Please let me know if you have any further suggestions. Also as we are vegetarian, please suggest options for vegetarian restaurants in Alaska.


I am planning an 10 days trip to Alaska in July 2013. I have booked flight on 4th July week end.

My Plan is as follows:
Fly to Anchorage on Friday evening.
Day 1: Drive to Denali Nation Park and take Denali Tour
Day 2: Hike into Denali Nation Park
Day 3: Drive to Fairbanks and relax in hotel
Day 4: Take morning flight to To Barrow. See around in Barrow
Day 5: Come back to Fairbanks from Barrow and Drive back till Denali Sate Park (Approx 4 hour drive)
Day 6: Drive to Seward
Day 7: Kenai Fjord NP Cruise Tour
Day 8: Drive to Homer and Stay at Homer
Day 9: See around in Homer and Stay At Home
Day 10: Drive back to Anchorage. See around in Anchorage
Day 11: Fly back to Minneapolis.

please suggest. I am not much aware of Alaska. What are the other attractions must cover and if i can skip any from above.


Silver Lake State Park, Michigan

This was a road trip of past. We drove from Chicago to Silver Lake State Park on a week end for camping. Before going, I searched what are the activities we can do in the state park and I found, Silver Lake State Park is famous for dune riding. I would say this park has as much as dune riding fun as Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park in Utah. Just out side the state park you can rent dune buggy or off road vehicles. This parking has an excellent swimming beach on the Michigan Lake and a historical light house, Little Sable Point Light house.

We reached there on Friday evening, next morning we went on beach. First we climb on the light house. It was so beautiful all around from the top. We went on beach after spending sometime on light house. Later in the afternoon we rented the ORV and did a guided adventure tour of dune riding. it was so much fun. Our guide was so expert in dune riding and one hour was full of fun. In the evening we came back to our camp site and spend a relaxing time. Next morning we headed back to Chicago. This was a one of memorable trip and if I get chance I would love to go there again. Here are few photos to share with you.

Tulips in Minnesota

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When spring is about to come, the first flower we think about is Tulip. In every spring I wish to go to see a Tulip Festival but still haven’t got chance to see one. I know there are some famous tulip festivals like Seattle Tulip Festival or Holland Michigan Tulip Festival in US. This spring I did not got chance to see the Tulip Festival but luckily got chance to see variety of tulips in Minnesota Arboretum. Each tulip is so beautiful and so unique, I might have taken 100s of photos but here are few I would love to share with you.

Calhoun Lake Minnesota

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A week back we just went around at Calhoun Lake to spend sometime outdoor on a sunny day after a long winter here in Minnesota. Calhoun offers many playgrounds, beaches, bike and walking paths, boating opportunities, and much more! Though we did not do much of activities but spend sometime by walking around the lake and then say an antic trolley coming near the lake. Initially we thought this is some kind of public transport and might be going to City. But later I saw they trolley track was finishing near the lake only. When next trolley come I inquired about it and came to know its a fun ride between Calhoun Lake and Harriet Lake. These trolleys are streetcars which were used to run as public transport back in 1940s or so. We took this trolley ride between Calhoun Lake and Harriet Lake, it was a great fun. after spending sometime at Harriet Lake we took the Trolley ride back to Calhoun Lake. It was a great day outing. Here are some pictures to share with you.

Signs Of Spring

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Finally it looks like spring is here in Minnesota. Spring flowers and green leaves have started popping up on trees. Hopefully in a week or two we will see Cherry Blossom and gardens full of flowers. Here are some early pictures from Minnesota Arboretum.

London Trip – A Walk Along The Thames

London Walk

In the Summer of 2005, I visited London for a two week trip. I stayed at a hotel in central London and very near to the Tower bridge. The first thing which I experienced here was that daylight ended at around 10:00 PM. So on a Friday evening I thought of going for a walk after coming back from the office. Taking a map with me I walked towards the Tower Bridge. It was almost 9:30 pm but the sun was still up in the sky. But as I reached the Tower Bridge it was almost dark. Suddenly all traffic was stopped going through the Tower bridge and even padestrains . For one moment I didn’t know what was going on but soon noticed that the Tower Bridge was opening and the road was lifted up as a Big Ship passes under the Bridge. This was the first time that I saw a Bridge opening up. I clicked some photos as I walked through the bridge and spent sometime there. I returned to the hotel at about 11:30 PM. I decided to come back the next morning and walk along the Thames River and experience the London City.

Next morning I took the Bus to the Tower of London and started my walk from there. It was a pleasant sunny day. After taking some photos of  the Tower of London again I came to the Tower Bridge, clicked some photos and crossed the Bridge. There was  the City Hall building on the other side of  the Bridge. I spent some time there  and clicked some photos of some beautiful paintings.

From the London City Hall, I walked along  the river and reached London Dungeon. This area was like a ghost town with all the old buildings and lots of scary pictures around.

After that I walked on the London Bridge and went to see “The Monument” . The Monument was on the other side of  the river. There was an option to climb The Monument but as I wanted to cover as much as possible I decided not to waste time doing so and headed further.

From there I crossed the river again and came to see the Winchester Palace.

From there I walked along the river and on the way I saw there was some Turkey celebration going on in a park near OXO Tower. I spent some time there enjoying the music and dance and had some food.

After taking some rest I continued my walk towards the London Eye. London Eye, Big Ben areas was the most crowded as this is place where most tourists comes. I spent the rest of my time that day around the London Eye, Big Ben. After walking for almost the whole day I took the bus and returned to the hotel.

In this post all the photos are taken from My Nokia 6600 VGA Camera. I wish i could have better camera that time.