Switzerland Trip – A Trip to Mt Jungfrau

Two days trip to Switzerland

TGV Train from Paris to Geneva

After completing Paris site seeing, we took TGV train in the evening from Paris to Geneva. It was around 3 hours journey from Paris to Geneva. We reached Geneva around 10:30 PM and checked-in directly in the hotel.

Next morning we woke up early and boarded an early morning (7:00 AM train to Interlaken (via Bern). As soon as the train came out of Geneva city, the beautiful Lake Geneva, mountains, big green Swiss Farms and Cows came into view. As it was early October, fall colors were visible in a few trees.

After almost 2 hours journey we reached Bern where we needed to change the Train. From Bern we boarded another train for Interlaken. On the way we passed by the beautiful Thun Lake . We enjoyed the trip but were not able to take many good photos as the train was going very fast. There was a highway alongside the train route. I was just thinking it would have been more enjoyable if we would have traveled by car. But anyway all the way it was very beautiful.

We reached Interlaken around 10 AM and as soon as we got down from the train I saw lots of parachutes flying in the sky over Interlaken. I told my wife that we would go for paragliding if we have time after coming back from Mt. Jungfrau. We checked-in into the hotel, kept our luggage in the room and came back to the Train Station to catch the train to Jungfraujoch.

We bought some fast food and boarded in the train to Lauterbrunnen. On the way we needed to change the train at two places, at Lauterbrunnen and at Kleine Scheidegg. From Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen, it was more of a flat route and it was a normal train. After 20 minutes journey we reached Lauterbrunnen. Lauterbrunnen was also beautiful with a beautiful waterfall that could be seen from the train station itself.

From Lauterbrunnen, we boarded another train (yellow mountain train) to Kleine Scheidegg. This train was a mountain train and had few stops on the way. It was around 45 minutes journey to Kleine Scheidegg. As we were about to reach Kleine Scheidegg, we were able to see the Mt. JungFrau peak clearly. Lots of people were also doing paragliding and skydiving there. Many people were doing hiking and going on foot from Kleine Scheidegg to Mt. JungFrau.

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We boarded another mountain train (red train) to Jungfraujoch (Top Of Europe), the highest train station in Europe. On the way there were many beautiful lakes in the mountain valleys, and the view was just awesome. Last part of the journey was through a tunnel and there were two stops in the tunnel. From there we could see the beautiful landscape from the small window of the station. Almost after an hour journey we reached the top of the Jungfraujoch station. We got down and started walking along towards the tunnel that led to the TOP OF EUROPE, Everybody was taking pictures in front of of the signboard and we also took our memorable photo đŸ™‚

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We took the map from the Tourist Info Center and headed on the trail as per the map. First we went to Sphinx Observation Terrace. The view was just amazing, beautiful Swiss Glaciers, Mountains Alps and all around Snow. We clicked lots of photos from there. Lots of people were seeing walking on the snow and there was a Helicopter were dropping people for Mountain Ski as well.

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After that we went to see the Ice Palace. It was more like an Ice cave with colorful lights. Lots of Ice Sculptures were there. There was a narrow Ice Cave to walk through. We took some photos and then came out of it.

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Then we walked further on the trail and it took us to The Plateau. It was an open area of a snow covered mountain. The weather was quite warm outside and the scene was awesome. There was a Swiss flag fluttering, and we took lots of photos there. After spending almost half an hour we came back to the restaurant area. By that time we were very hungry and fortunately for us found an Indian dish which we ate heartily for lunch (though the food was very costly there).

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After lunch, we headed back to Kleine Scheidegg. While returning we were very tired and so slept in the train and only woke up when the train was about to reach Kleine Scheidegg. We took few photos at Kleine Scheidegg and then boarded another train for Lauterbrunnen.

We reached Lauterbrunnen around 6:00 PM. As there was still enough day light and the sky was clear,we planned to take a quick trip to Murren. We took the tram and later a train to reach Murren. We spent some time in Murren and returned to Lauterbrunnen. From there we took the train to Interlaken and reached around 8:00 PM. We had our dinner and headed back to the hotel.

Next morning I Went for Paragliding which I have mentioned in another post.We did a quick of Interlaken and then we boarded the train for Geneva at around 1 pm.

We reached Geneva at 4:00 PM. There we had lunch in an Indian restaurant. The food was good and we ate to our heart’s full. Then we went for a walk along the town by the side of Geneva Lake. After spending sometime in Geneva we came back to the train station and boarded the TGV train back to Paris. Next morning we took the flight back to US.

It was a beautiful journey. If I get chance, I would certainly visit Switzerland again. But this time I would prefer to travel by car as Switzerland is a beautiful country which requires much leisure to enjoy the real beauty.